Wrapping a car, not just for Christmas

vehicle signangeOk here is the deal with getting your cars wrapped. Whether you are looking for complete wrapping of your car or just a partial graphic detail for promotional use, I am going to cover everything you need to consider before deciding on a final design. First things first, find signage company you trust and work well with. I know an excellent vehicle signage company in Melbourne that I have used numerous times and would recommend to anyone. If you would like contact details get in touch through the comms portal of my blog. Design graphics for a car is not a quick decision and you want to have total faith in the team that’s going to be producing and applying your designs. Shop around, arrange consultations and get quotes. Lots of companies arrange free quotes and that’s normally a good sign (no pun intended) because they know once you get a quote you won’t be able to turn down their competitive pricing. Next up, make sure you consult with someone artistic. You might think your idea is amazing but when it is visualised it might not appear that way to everyone else. The signage company will normally be able to consult you on all things art and if they can’t, it’s a good idea to go elsewhere. Uniformity is key when designing a fleet. You want people to tie together all your vehicles all over town no matter what it is you are promoting. If it’s your van, they’ll spot it, because all your vans have that signature graphic! Car signage in Melbourne and in fact, worldwide is increasing in popularity and it has become crucial to stand out. Take your designs seriously, and remember don’t just design for now but design for the future too! It’s not everyday that your car gets wrapped so get it done well!