What is a removable service body?

An  aluminium service body is a must for most tradespeople
An aluminium service body is a must for most tradespeople

You may have heard about removable service bodies, but the name offers no clue as to what they are. An apprentice tradesperson may be told that they will one day need a removable service bodies, or that they should be cautious when purchasing a vehicle for work as they will need to accommodate the service body. Let’s discover what on earth your superiors are talking about, without having to submit to the indignity of actually asking them.

A service body is an addition to your vehicle which allows for the storage of the tools required by your trade. Service bodies are custom made to suit your needs; a carpenter may require many small compartments to store a variety of fiddly tools, whereas a plumber might need large storage spaces for their heavy duty devices. Service bodies can even come with collapsible work benches, so you can work right out of your vehicle. Made from aluminium, a service body needs to be lightweight or it will cause greater fuel consumption, but strong and durable enough for a tradesperson’s needs. There you have it. You should now have a good working understanding of aluminium toolboxes, Melbourne businesses and tradesmen rely on them every day to keep their tools and equipment safe.

There are two kinds of service body for your vehicle; removable and fixed. As the names suggest, a removable service body can be removed from one vehicle and installed on another. While you would not want to be moving the heavy and well-secured service body on a regular basis, having a removable service body will give you more flexibility with your vehicle, particularly if you plan on trading up your ute. Conversely, a fixed service body is essentially on your vehicle for life. Fixed service bodies are convenient if you plan on keeping the vehicle for its present use for years to come, and are known for being reliable and sturdy.