The Limo Versus Walking Dilemma

I take excellent care of myself. Anyone with half a working cranium does, after all; if you don’t trim those nails, brush those teeth and do your stretched before strenuous activity, you’re heading for a fall, and you have only yourself to blame. I mean, that’s all very obvious, ha! I try to walk most places, and sometimes I’ll get off the bus or park my car far away, so that I get my maximum walking in.

If for some reason I ever became rich, I hope I’d continue that tradition, because we all have the same, human forms, and they need a bit of exercise, right? Of course, I would have Melbourne’s best limo hire services at my beck and call, every day, transporting me to where I go. A girl can dream, after all, and yet I’d still try to uphold my devotion to health and fitness. I’d tell my limo driver to politely pull over, somewhere nice and free from mud, and then get out. Hopefully the paparazzi would get a good shot of me walking to my destination, proving that I’m down-to-earth and relatable. Boom, instant positive publicity. Cardiovascular fitness AND a positive approval rating, in one easy move. See, it’s simple, playing the system. You just have to give it a bit of thought.

Anyway, it’s all fanciful thinking. I quite like the idea of a limo, because there’s room in the back for all sorts of activities. Origami, spreading out my books, even a little bit of calligraphy, provided I tell the driver to take things slow. Oh, the things you could get up to! Not that I’m planning on it. Being rich is a social construct anyway. Then again, it’s not like limo hire is rare or magical. Why, Melbourne companies offer wedding limo hire packages, so that could be my chance to test out the space. I just need a good man who’ll propose…


Wrapping a car, not just for Christmas

vehicle signangeOk here is the deal with getting your cars wrapped. Whether you are looking for complete wrapping of your car or just a partial graphic detail for promotional use, I am going to cover everything you need to consider before deciding on a final design. First things first, find signage company you trust and work well with. I know an excellent vehicle signage company in Melbourne that I have used numerous times and would recommend to anyone. If you would like contact details get in touch through the comms portal of my blog. Design graphics for a car is not a quick decision and you want to have total faith in the team that’s going to be producing and applying your designs. Shop around, arrange consultations and get quotes. Lots of companies arrange free quotes and that’s normally a good sign (no pun intended) because they know once you get a quote you won’t be able to turn down their competitive pricing. Next up, make sure you consult with someone artistic. You might think your idea is amazing but when it is visualised it might not appear that way to everyone else. The signage company will normally be able to consult you on all things art and if they can’t, it’s a good idea to go elsewhere. Uniformity is key when designing a fleet. You want people to tie together all your vehicles all over town no matter what it is you are promoting. If it’s your van, they’ll spot it, because all your vans have that signature graphic! Car signage in Melbourne and in fact, worldwide is increasing in popularity and it has become crucial to stand out. Take your designs seriously, and remember don’t just design for now but design for the future too! It’s not everyday that your car gets wrapped so get it done well!

How to Prepare For Your Kids Party on Ice

childrens party venue MelbourneDeciding on kids birthday party venues is no minor undertaking, especially when it’s somewhere as new and exciting as an ice skating rink. With all the factors  to take into consideration, you could easily find your hands full and your hair falling out. Thankfully, things don’t have to be this way. With the right planning, your child’s birthday can be a safe and memorable experience for everyone involved. Here are four ways you can prepare for that  special day.

Dress warm

It’s no surprise that at an ice skating rink you’re going to find ice. Not only that but they’ve got the air-conditioners running to keep that ice from melting. The room is typically kept at about 16°C, which is rather chilly, even when you are zooming around on skates. Before the party, be sure to tell your guests to bring warm clothes like beanies, gloves and warm thick socks. Put a note on the invitations about clothing or have a word with parents when they RSVP.


Organise activities

Once your party guests get the hang of ice skating, they’re going to be whizzing around without any rhyme or reason. While this can be a lot of fun for the little ones, it can also get a bit chaotic, leading to accidents and anarchy. Structure your event with the addition of planned activities throughout the day. These can include obstacle courses, dance routines or even a bit of ice hockey. Activities will ensure your group of kids have fun and most of all stay safe and under the guidance of a supervisor. Ask your venue about ideas and props to use.


Get a party Planner

While you may like to organise the party yourself, there’s always the option of getting the venue to plan the party for you. Kids party venues are expert at organising events so they know exactly what to consider and when. They can prepare delicious healthy meals while taking those worrisome dietary requirements into consideration, and they can even give your guests an introductory lesson at the start of the day. Ice skating around Melbourne needn’t be a stressful experience – these professionals can see to a day that is fun and memorable for all.

What are dermal fillers?

When opting for dermal fillers in Melbourne, do choose a reputable clinic.
When opting for dermal fillers in Melbourne, do choose a reputable clinic.

Hollywood is not the only place to get dermal fillers, Melbourne is a second home to the cosmetic procedure which can take years off your face.

Also known as an injectable filler or cosmetic filler, a filler is an injection of a soft tissue into the face to fill in wrinkles, giving the appearance of youth.

Fillers are eventually absorbed by the body, so they are ideal for a relatively temporary lift to the face and are a less drastic alternative to surgery. The effect of a filler fades over about six months.

A dermal filler is received via injection, and as such it should be administered by a doctor. You can obtain either natural or synthetic fillers; for best results, a natural biological tissue is used. Fillers can be used not only for the skin, but also for filling out lips. You can also subtly change the shape of your face with strategic use of fillers.

Many people opt for a fat transfer. This kills two birds with one stone: fat is removed from an undesirable area, and transplanted under the skin. This is also a safe option, as there is no risk of an allergic reaction to your own tissue. Eventually, the fat is safely re-absorbed by the body.

If you are fearful of injections, worry not, as a local anaesthetic is generally used on the face for the procedure, which takes about half an hour. An alternative to the fat transfer is an implant under the skin, which is inserted using a small incision.

One final word of advice when seeking out dermal fillers in Melbourne– do take pains to choose a reputable clinic. No doubt you have heard horror stories of backyard cosmetologists injecting unsuitable materials into their unwitting patients. Put safety first and only go to a well-trained doctor with experience in injectable fillers.

What is a cosmetic peel?

cosmetic mask at spa salon
cosmetic mask at spa salon

Lately, it seems that everyone and their dog is getting a chemical peel, Melbourne being such an image-conscious city. Note, we were joking about the dog, we think it is cruel to subject your pet to beauty treatments. However, it is just as cruel to subject your pet to seeing your skin in such a poor state.

Perhaps you have seen people with skin looking like new and have wondered how you can get similar results. Or, maybe you have heard of chemical peels but are not sure what exactly a chemical peel entails. A chemical peel changes the appearance of your skin, minimising scars, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and sun damage. Today, we are going to inform you exactly what a chemical peel involves.

Firstly, not all chemical peels are the same. Different combinations of ingredients can be used for different skin conditions, or to achieve different results. We recommend discussing which peel is right for you with your cosmetic doctor.

A chemical peel may sounds scary, but it is essentially exfoliation. Perhaps you have exfoliated mechanically in the past, which involves rubbing your skin with a hard brush to remove dead skin cells. A chemical peel has this same effect, but achieves the result chemically, as the name would suggest. The old skin is lifted away, leaving a smooth and supple layer of skin underneath. Depending on the type of acid used, different peels penetrate to different extents.

When you go to get a chemical peel, the skin doctor will apply a solution to your face, much like a face mask that you may use at home. However, the more potent ingredients should never be attempted at home or by amateurs. After the time is up, a neutralising solution will be applied to the skin. Finally, the peel will be washed off.

If you are looking to get a facial peel in Melbourne, our best advice is to choose a reputable clinic in which you will be seen by a qualified doctor.

What is ice skating?

What is ice skating?
What is ice skating?

If you do not know how to ice skate, you probably have never thought deeply about ice skating and its long and illustrious history. Today, we are going to learn all about ice skating, and share some advice for your first ice skating expedition.

Hopefully you are familiar with roller skating, which is a form of ambulation in which the skater achieves motion due to small wheels attached to the undersides of their shoes. Skating is faster than walking, and is typically undertaken as a recreational activity rather than a utilitarian form of transport. Ice skating is similar, except the wheels on the shoe are replaced with a sharp blade, and the motion occurs on a surface of ice.

Ice skating can be done outdoors, either on a natural lake which has frozen over, or on an artificial ice surface. In Australia, ice skating is generally an indoor activity, with specially constructed rinks containing a large iced area for skaters to travel around in laps.

A number of sporting activities has emerged as offshoots of ice skating, including figure skating and ice hockey. For the most part, ice skating is enjoyed by amateurs by skating in a forwards direction, completing laps around a rink.

It is a good idea to get ice skating lessons if you are wobbly on your feet. As an absolute beginner, you will want to know the basics of how to move forwards safely, and how to stop. There are several different techniques to stopping. As a beginner, your first stopping move is the T-stop, in which you turn one skate perpendicular to the other.

Our best ice skating tip is to dress appropriately. You will be on the ice, so dress warmly. Cover up as much of your body as possible. Gloves are essential. You also need to be aware of safety. If you are clumsy, you may want to don some safety gear.

My 21st birthday

I woke up earlier than normal that morning, no doubt it had something to do with the fact it was my birthday. Not any old birthday but my 21st birthday. I had a big day planned with all kinds of birthday celebrations my mother had organised all the party hire and marquee hire for the day. I had been to many events in the last year or so which had used marquee hire Melbourne as their way of celebrating in style. I knew a hire marquee would be the best way of creating that party atmosphere I so desperately desired.

Marquee hire melbourne

The assembly of the marquee was a very fast process which took only a matter of hours. The marquee was a very specific top of the range Clearspan structure marquee hire to Melbourne only, and it offered guests space and a sense of light other marquees could not really offer. Once the marquee had been fully erected it looked beautiful. The black timber dance floor contrasted with the cream white walls of the marquee, and the transparent clear roof meant the light flooded into reveal a magical space. The guests began to arrive at around 9pm and then jaws dropped to the ground when they saw the venue.

The night was a big success and went off with a bang quite literally. My father had organised an elaborate firework display. Much to the dismay of my mother and George our dog who spent the rest of the night curled up in a ball under my parent’s bed. Everybody seemed to be having a fantastic time and the marquee hire had gone down a treat. My sister was so impressed in actual fact that she decided to use a wedding marquee hire Melbourne for her wedding the following year.

History of horse stables

horse barns TamworthMany years ago, a good measure of wealth was largely defined by the number of horses, carriages and stables a family had. Having many horses was a status symbol similar to modern day millionaires having many expensive cars. A stable was never merely a place to store your horses, it was a statement of equine virtue, a way to boast to the world of one’s financial success and power. Men paid large sums of cash and traveled across the world seeking the finest horses for riding and pulling carriages. The horse stable was a luxury that only the rich could afford. The poor may have occasionally owned a horse but they were kept outside, not in their own quant home. Well before cars, horses were the transportation of choice for centuries. Horses were a point of pride, a showcase of one’s most valuable assets. Architects took great pride in making horse stables beautiful as well as functional. There was a lot of respect for stable builders, Tamworth has some incredible turn-of-the-century horse barns still standing today. They were much grander back then with many extra rooms for horse accessories like bridles and saddles with spare room for wagons, buggies and carriages. They had to have space for grain and hay, areas for grooming and an office. This was a world where rich men would flaunt their masculinity, a time where bigger horse stables were always better. Horse stables were built using local building materials like wood, stone and brick. Most horse stables were grander than your average house. The massive horse stables of ancient times are now relics of the past. Many stables were so impressive and grand that they gave the impression of luxury and sophistication to guests and dignitaries. Stables were so much more than simply a roof for the horses. From stud horses to race horses they all need a place to sleep safely and keep secure from thieves. There was a certain romance to horse stables, secret trysts in the hay lofts away from prying eyes.

After the invention of automobiles many stables fell into disrepair to make way for garages. Early cars required a lot of attention and maintenance and space was needed for this. What was once a essential structure had quickly been replaced and became simply a luxury. Families that traded their horses for motor carriages found new uses for those old magnificent horse stable structures. In modern times there is still a need for horse barns, Tamworth builders are still committed to the craft of making stylish and elegant places to keep a horse.

What Are Burials and Cremations?

urnWhen a person has died, the two most common options for what happens to their body are burial and cremation. The first of these is more traditional, and involves digging a grave and burying the person’s body inside a coffin. The process is treated with respect, and here in Perth, a funeral director may be involved to help with the proceedings and planning. A burial plot must be purchased, which the deceased may have organised beforehand, and this is where they will be laid to rest. The grave will then be set with a stone with their name, dates of life and sometimes other messages.

Cremation is quite different, and it involves the body being burned to ashes. This type of funeral is more common elsewhere in the world, depending on the belief system and local customs, but has become very common in Western society. Even then, the process varies; sometimes the deceased is cremated in their own coffin, the one used during the funeral ceremony. Other countries may provide a coffin for this specific purpose. In any case, the contained must be combustible. After this, the body and coffin are reduced to ashes. In a typical Perth cremation, the temperatures reach around 1000 degrees celsius. The ashes are then collected in a capsule, urn or other container and given to the family.

Once again, the deceased may have wished to have their ashes scattered in a particular location. Otherwise, the family may keep the urn in remembrance, often placing it in a prominent location or another one of their choosing. There are many other possibilities for what to do with the ashes, depending on the deceased’s wishes or those of the family.

What is the history of the magnolia?

The magnolia is a lot older than you would think.
The magnolia is a lot older than you would think.

You likely walk past a magnolia plant every day. You may even own one yourself. Have you ever wondering about the history of the magnolia plant? Of course you haven’t, because you are too caught up in your own life to think about something other than yourself. You know their name, but you do not know their story.

Magnolias are surprisingly old for a type of plant. Twenty million year old fossils demonstrate that magnolias have been in existence long before humans, but humans existed for millions of years without paying a second thought to cataloguing the wonderful magnolias. Humans have likely been vaguely aware of the existence of magnolia plants, but did not begin cataloguing the plant until the rise of botany in the seventeenth century. Not until the mid 1700s did anyone decide to describe the magnolia plant.

A testament to the supreme age of the magnolia genus is their methods of pollination. While magnolias today reproduce the regular way with assistance from bees, early magnolia plants evolved long before bees and had to pollinate without their intervention. Fortunately, beetles did an adequate job of pollination.

You may be aware of the gossamer threat to humanity posed by artificial intelligence, but did you know that the humble magnolia plant is far more advanced in its plans for global domination? The magnolia plant exists throughout the world, with many species of magnolia across the continents. While top scientists believe that magnolias are not sentient, magnolias have proliferated around the world at an alarming rate over the past twenty million years. Most species originate in South America and Asia, and their spread has been hastened by humans who bring magnolia plants to new territories including Australia for aesthetic reasons. You would never know it, but it seems there is a master plot happening right in your garden beside your hippeastrums.