Reoccurring foot issue

I’ve been pretty concerned about my feet for the better half of this year. There’s been a few ongoing issues with my feet for a good two years, but it wasn’t until this year when I really started to notice that something was wrong. The first inkling of a slight problem with my foot first occurred two years ago when wearing my high heels. It would feel like the bone in the ball of my foot was moving every time I would stand or walk. I genuinely became worried that wearing heels had dislodged one of my bones. Perhaps this might sound like an overreaction, but it was such a bizarre feeling.

As time went on, I then noticed that after a night of wearing high heels, I’d have numb feet in the morning. This feeling then evolved into numb feet for a day, then to a few days, and now to my current problem of having a numb foot for a month. I eventually had to accept the reality that I did in fact have a problem with my foot and would need to see a foot specialist. Cheltenham has several in my area, but I wanted to visit a specialist that I could trust. Let’s just say, I am very happy that I picked the podiatrist that I did. The podiatrist was extremely sympathetic and spent a decent amount of time trying to figure out the cause of my foot problems. 

According to the podiatrist, I was displaying symptoms of plantar fasciitis. To get to the bottom of the cause, the podiatrist got me to walk up and down their office a few times so she could analyse my walk. I have since received some stretches for my calf and for my foot. Here’s hoping the pain will ease soon and I can enjoy my heels once again, in moderation.