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Bonding Over Utes

How exciting is young love! Two of my friends met each other for the first time over the weekend (at my suggestion) and they hit it off immediately. I was very pleased because I had a feeling they would like each other which is why I made the effort to make sure they got to know each other. When it was clear that they were comfortable talking with just the two of them, I knew that I could move on and talk to my other friends for the rest of the evening. I kept a keen eye on their conversation (obviously) and gave my friend many supportive smiles throughout the night.

The first thing I did the next day was call my friend and ask how her night turned out. I wanted to hear all the details, from the moment I left them to the moment she picked up my phone call and I urged her not to leave anything out. I am emotionally invested in how things worked out for them and I was really excited to hear what she had to say. As it turned out, she went back to his house after the party which was awesome. He was really excited to show her the premium aluminium ute canopies he’d just had installed on his ute, and she was excited to see them. Apparently, that’s all he spoke about the entire party, but my friend was absolutely loving it. She said that the ute canopies are his prized possession and she was really flattered that he would show them to her on the night that they met. Corny, but I love it!

My friend said that she was really good at keeping the conversation going because she had some knowledge of under tray tool boxes for utes in Melbourne as both her brother and dad are tradespeople. That was the reason they hit it off so well at the start of the night. I can’t wait to share what happened next!

Stay tuned. 

How do builders transport their tools?

An aluminium toolbox is a necessity for builders.
An aluminium toolbox is a necessity for builders.

Builders require a large range of tools when working on a house or other structure, some of which are extremely heavy. You may be wondering how builders manage to transport their tools from job to job without losing anything. Those that have vans have to be extremely careful about where they place their tools, lest a rusty saw comes flying into the front seat as the driver takes a sharp corner. The trick is that they usually have aluminium toolboxes, Melbourne tradespeople are especially keen on this idea.

The aluminium toolbox must be fitted to the utility vehicle so that the box and its contents are secure. A builder will get the toolbox specially made for their vehicle, with compartments and other features made to order. With each tool contained in its place, there is no risk of moving items being a danger to the driver and passengers. It also makes it easy for the builder to keep track of their tools, reducing losses from tools which need to be constantly replaced due to misplacement. It is common for special compartments to be designed for a builder’s most used tools. Bespoke aluminium toolboxes may also contain other facilities as requested by the owner, with fold out work benches becoming increasingly popular among Melbourne builders. Builders in Melbourne transport their tools safely around the city and suburbs in their custom made aluminium toolboxes.

While the toolbox must be extremely strong in order to support the weight of the tools, especially as they move slightly during transit, it must also not be too heavy. An excessively heavy toolbox will drive up fuel consumption of the vehicle, which is an added and unnecessary expense for the builder’s business. It also needs to be lockable and secure enough to keep out thieves, as well as sufficiently attached to the vehicle so a thief does not steal the entire box with its contents.