The Boat Proposal

My friends just got engaged! I can’t believe it! The friends I’m talking about are my boyfriend’s brother and his girlfriend (now fiance), two people who I have come to know and love very much over the last four years. I am seriously so happy for them. I can’t believe they’re going to be married and Sarah is going to be in Adrian’s family for the rest of his life! How cute is that? The whole thing makes me want to burst into happy tears.

They video called us after it happened to tell us the news. They were so happy. I’ve never seen any happiness like it. I asked Patrick how he proposed and what thought went into it, and the story was so cute. He decided to take her out on his family boat to watch the sunset. But before that he needed to make sure the boat was in top condition. He didn’t want anything to happen and potentially ruin his proposal, and so he visited the most highly rated marine stainless steel fabrication shop in Melbourne. He made sure that his boat was in perfect condition and that any fabrication work that needed to be done was completed to the best possible standard. I was so taken aback by all the planning that it made my heart skip a beat. It was the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.

Then Sarah told us what the actual proposal was like. Wow. I’m still taken aback just thinking about it. She was just sitting there, on the edge of the boat, watching the sunset. She was at peace and thought the night couldn’t get any more perfect. Then she heard Patrick ask her to go check on the fishing rod holders (because they were also doing some fishing). She checked on the fishing rods and at the bottom of her one was a beautiful, shiny diamond ring. She told me she couldn’t believe her eyes. She turned around and there Patrick was, on one knee ready to propose.