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How do you become an app developer?

You may have dabbled in fortran, but you still need to go to app development school to maximise your chances of success.
You may have dabbled in fortran, but you still need to go to app development school to maximise your chances of success.

App building can be a profitable enterprise, and is attractive to many even with no tech experience. Whether you are a beginner to the world of apps or have dabbled before, you will want to enrol in a reputable app design course, Melbourne being a hub of activity for aspiring app developers.

Firstly, what does an app developer actually do? An app developer writes programs, usually for particular operating systems such as that used by the iPhone. You may be thinking of games when it comes to apps, but mobile gaming is only the tip of the iceberg. There are apps for just about anything you can think of, from time management tools, to guided meditations, to language learning apps.

Because people with smartphones use apps every day, they may think that it is easy to write an app. It is not hard to think of an idea for an app, but programming requires technical knowledge that your average smartphone user does not possess.

Attending app development school is easier than teaching yourself programming, with the curriculum covering areas that are crucial but you may not think to learn about.

There is more to becoming an app developer than simply writing the code. Attending a targeted course will equip you with practical knowledge such as how to sell your app.

Attending an app design course also has networking benefits. Developing apps with your peers is a way to build professional connections that will benefit you throughout your entire programming career.

App development is, by its nature, a cutting-edge industry. A good app developer will keep up to date with latest developments in the field. You will also need access to a number of devices to assist you in building your app; these can be accessed through app development academies. That should give you a good start on how to become a successful app developer, courses are the first thing you should look at.

What is a sustainable home?

An eco friendly home is a chic way to alleviate your impact on the environment.
An eco friendly home is a chic way to alleviate your impact on the environment.

Sustainable homes are typically family homes with minimal environmental impact. There is a growing demand for eco friendly homes in Melbourne, as people are becoming increasingly sensitive to their impact on the environment.

Not all sustainable homes have the same features. Companies that design sustainable homes may use recycled building materials, and include features that reduce the environmental impact of the home in its regular use. For example, the house may have solar panels to generate electricity, and double glazed windows to prevent heat transfer and save on heating and cooling.

An advantage of green homes is lower utility bills. Because the house will be designed to use a minimum of water and electricity from the grid, occupants will enjoy lower than usual costs over the lifetime of the house.

You do not need to be building a new home in order to make it more sustainable. If you are seeking to reduce the environmental footprint of your existing home, a green home building company can help you find solutions to reduce your home’s energy use.

Ideally a sustainable home will have a minimal environmental impact at every step of the way, from design to building to maintenance. The home will be designed to maximise energy efficiency. Electricity can be saved on lighting through use of energy-efficient LEDs and use of natural light. Appliances such as the oven and dishwasher should have a five star energy rating. A water tank may be installed to collect rainwater, and recycled grey water may be put to use for the garden. The builder may use recycled timber and materials with a low energy cost.

Eco friendly homes tend to be quite trendy and are a point of pride for many occupants.

Now you know all about green homes, Melbourne dwellers looking to build should find this information useful.

What is a buyer’s advocate?

A buyer's advocate helps property purchasers in making a good decision.
A buyer’s advocate helps property purchasers in making a good decision.

Most people have heard of real estate agents, but you may not know about buyers advocates, Melbourne being the city with the most use of buyer’s advocates in Australia.

Let’s start by defining real estate agents. An estate agent facilitates the selling of property. Typically, someone who wishes to sell a house will approach an agent, who handles the marketing campaign and organises the sale, whether privately or through auction.

A buyer’s advocate, known variously as a property advocate or buyer’s agent, helps a property purchaser through the process. Unlike an estate agent, the advocate is hired by the person buying the property.

An advocate is paid by the property purchaser, which is typically a small percentage of the sale price once the client purchases a property.

Buyer’s agents are particularly valued in cities with high priced real estate, with Melbourne being a noted example. A buyer can often save money by engaging the services of an advocate, whose extensive real estate experience means that they know the property’s true value.

The advocate will assist the buyer throughout the purchase process. The journey for a buyer might look like this:

Timothy wishes to purchase a family home. He has narrowed down his search to a few suburbs. He engages the services of a property advocate, who sits down with him to work out what kind of house will be most appropriate. They work with his budget and together they decide to look for four bedroom houses with minimal maintenance under one million dollars. The agent takes a few days to search for houses, and provides Timothy with a short-list which includes some properties not being sold through traditional channels, and he decides on one. The advocate then approaches the estate agent and negotiates on Timothy’s behalf, securing the property. They also recommend a lawyer to him to take care of the paperwork.

So there you have it. Now you know about buyers advocacy in Melbourne and beyond.