History of horse stables

horse barns TamworthMany years ago, a good measure of wealth was largely defined by the number of horses, carriages and stables a family had. Having many horses was a status symbol similar to modern day millionaires having many expensive cars. A stable was never merely a place to store your horses, it was a statement of equine virtue, a way to boast to the world of one’s financial success and power. Men paid large sums of cash and traveled across the world seeking the finest horses for riding and pulling carriages. The horse stable was a luxury that only the rich could afford. The poor may have occasionally owned a horse but they were kept outside, not in their own quant home. Well before cars, horses were the transportation of choice for centuries. Horses were a point of pride, a showcase of one’s most valuable assets. Architects took great pride in making horse stables beautiful as well as functional. There was a lot of respect for stable builders, Tamworth has some incredible turn-of-the-century horse barns still standing today. They were much grander back then with many extra rooms for horse accessories like bridles and saddles with spare room for wagons, buggies and carriages. They had to have space for grain and hay, areas for grooming and an office. This was a world where rich men would flaunt their masculinity, a time where bigger horse stables were always better. Horse stables were built using local building materials like wood, stone and brick. Most horse stables were grander than your average house. The massive horse stables of ancient times are now relics of the past. Many stables were so impressive and grand that they gave the impression of luxury and sophistication to guests and dignitaries. Stables were so much more than simply a roof for the horses. From stud horses to race horses they all need a place to sleep safely and keep secure from thieves. There was a certain romance to horse stables, secret trysts in the hay lofts away from prying eyes.

After the invention of automobiles many stables fell into disrepair to make way for garages. Early cars required a lot of attention and maintenance and space was needed for this. What was once a essential structure had quickly been replaced and became simply a luxury. Families that traded their horses for motor carriages found new uses for those old magnificent horse stable structures. In modern times there is still a need for horse barns, Tamworth builders are still committed to the craft of making stylish and elegant places to keep a horse.