Recycled Timber in sustainable homes

reclaimed timber homeRecycled timber is term used often today to denote “green” timber practices, and environmentally friendly construction processes. In its most definite sense, recycled timber, like any recycled material, is simply timber that has been used before, most often waste timber getting a second life. If you’re planning your Melbourne sustainable home recycled timber should be on your list of building materials.

Recycled timber is not as new a concept as many would think. Although it gained popularity during the 1990’s, recycling timber waste has been in practice for decades previous, especially in Europe. Timber recycling is a very common practice in Australia, with large levels of timber available for reuse in eco friendly homes. Lumber recycling is most often taken from old buildings, which are carefully demolished during deconstruction. Taken to specialised mills to “de-nail” the pieces and cut them down to size to be reused.

Recycled timber has a variety of uses, especially for those conscientious about environmentally friendly construction; new environmentally friendly homes in Melbourne are often built partly through recycled timber. Another popular use is to create stylish timber furniture. There is an ever increasing market demand for “elegant and environmentally friendly” homes, and recycled timber is one way of filling that niche.

Today, timber recycling is more popular than ever, with more and more Australian homes making use of it; not just for their homes, but within their homes as well .If you’re thinking of using timber in your eco friendly home, consider using recycled wood in the construction.