Do dogs need to be social?

Attending a group dog walk is an ideal way for the dog to socialise and exercise at the same time.
Attending a group dog walk is an ideal way for the dog to socialise and exercise at the same time.

Most dog owners have only one dog, so the pet’s opportunities for socialisation with other dogs are limited. To increase the dog’s social time, some owners opt for hiring a dog walking service, Melbourne dogs who are generally confined inside the home and alone can seriously benefit from this interaction.

Socialisation is extremely important to dogs, though the extent largely depends on the temperament of the dog. Some breeds prefer to interact with just the human they are bonded too, while others are enthusiastic to meet living creatures of any kind. As a general rule, dogs enjoy playing with other dogs and it is especially important for younger dogs to learn how to interact with their peers.

For a single dog, it is beneficial to ensure social interaction with other dogs on a regular basis. Time poor dog owners should consider engaging with a dog walking service offering group walks. Your dog will enjoy walking with its peers and may even be taken to a dog park where it can interact with new dogs.

If you have plenty of time to devote to dog care, you could take your dog to dog parks at busy times, or organise regular play dates with another dog. This may seem excessive, but consider that proper dog care is strikingly similar to raising a child.

There are some dogs who do not get along well with other dogs. This is usually due to poor socialisation from a young age or other behavioural problems. As dogs get older, they can also become crankier and less inclined to seek the company of other animals. This is similar to how elderly humans are often misanthropic. Despite these exceptions, dogs do generally enjoy the company of other dogs.

Dogs benefit from social interaction, and how to facilitate this by organising play dates or by sending your dog on a group walk with a reputable Melbourne dog walker.