Missed Buying Opportunity

The last time I spoke to you guys, I was talking about my control issues and how my husband wants to hire a buyer’s advocate to act on our behalf to help us when buying our first home. I understood where my husband was coming from and appreciated

 that he was trying to help me, but it was just too much for me at the time.

I needed baby steps, like letting my husband fill up our car with petrol instead of doing it myself or letting him choose the meal we serve to guests on a Saturday night. These types of things would’ve been hard for me in general, which goes to show just how hard letting a buyer’s advocate in Malvern East (or wherever we choose) take over the buying process. I just can’t fathom letting someone make such life-altering decisions on my behalf.

So, unfortunately, this isn’t a happy story about how my husband persevered and I decided that a buyer’s advocate would be a good idea. In fact, it’s actually a story about how upset I was that I didn’t end up listening to my husband. I understand pragmatically that I messed us up by not going with a buyer’s advocate. The proof is in the pudding. 

We found our dream home and it went to auction. I was there in control of what we did on auction day, and it turned ou

t that all my best efforts were useless. Despite how in control I was, and how sure I was of my decisions, I got beaten out for the property by a buyer’s advocate. Malvern, as it turns out, is our dream suburb to live in, and I messed it up and we won’t be living there any time soon.

I wish I was able to listen to my husband. I love him dearly and I do trust him, it’s just my own personal issues that get in the way.