Punching Balustrades

This is really bad. Really, seriously bad. I totally underestimated the power of Death-Jitsu. It wasn’t supposed to go like this, but I’m in big trouble now. All I wanted was to teach my friends what it was like to be punched all the time because I’m always losing at Punches, a game where we punch each other and the loser has to do some undesirable task. I went and trained under a master of Death-Jitsu, who taught me how to deliver an awesome punch of extreme power.

So what’s the problem? I just used that awesome, super-powered punch on a glass balustrade and accidentally broke it. And this wasn’t just any glass balustrade, but a glass balustrade that has been there for hundreds of years. It’s basically a relic.

Somehow, I don’t think there are any businesses for glass repair near Melbourne that can fix the mess I’ve made. They don’t even make this type of glass any more. My boss is totally going to notice, and then I’m super fired. I just wanted to be good at Punches like everyone else!

Maybe I can find some sort of martial art that helps you magically fix broken glass. If I can master that in a few hours, maybe I’ll be able to fix the stair balustrade, and then my boss won’t be able to tell me off or fire me.

Either way, I’ll have to be more careful with my Death-Jitsu moves. No more destroying random property. I’ll just walk up to my friends, challenge them to a game of Punches, destroy them, and then never use my martial arts moves again.

As for the balustrade, well I doubt I’m going to find a magical solution. I’ll just have to keep my boss away from it until enough time has passed that nobody can blame me for the damage. Yeah, that’s probably my best bet. Well, I’d better get started.