My 21st birthday

I woke up earlier than normal that morning, no doubt it had something to do with the fact it was my birthday. Not any old birthday but my 21st birthday. I had a big day planned with all kinds of birthday celebrations my mother had organised all the party hire and marquee hire for the day. I had been to many events in the last year or so which had used marquee hire Melbourne as their way of celebrating in style. I knew a hire marquee would be the best way of creating that party atmosphere I so desperately desired.

Marquee hire melbourne

The assembly of the marquee was a very fast process which took only a matter of hours. The marquee was a very specific top of the range Clearspan structure marquee hire to Melbourne only, and it offered guests space and a sense of light other marquees could not really offer. Once the marquee had been fully erected it looked beautiful. The black timber dance floor contrasted with the cream white walls of the marquee, and the transparent clear roof meant the light flooded into reveal a magical space. The guests began to arrive at around 9pm and then jaws dropped to the ground when they saw the venue.

The night was a big success and went off with a bang quite literally. My father had organised an elaborate firework display. Much to the dismay of my mother and George our dog who spent the rest of the night curled up in a ball under my parent’s bed. Everybody seemed to be having a fantastic time and the marquee hire had gone down a treat. My sister was so impressed in actual fact that she decided to use a wedding marquee hire Melbourne for her wedding the following year.

History of horse stables

horse barns TamworthMany years ago, a good measure of wealth was largely defined by the number of horses, carriages and stables a family had. Having many horses was a status symbol similar to modern day millionaires having many expensive cars. A stable was never merely a place to store your horses, it was a statement of equine virtue, a way to boast to the world of one’s financial success and power. Men paid large sums of cash and traveled across the world seeking the finest horses for riding and pulling carriages. The horse stable was a luxury that only the rich could afford. The poor may have occasionally owned a horse but they were kept outside, not in their own quant home. Well before cars, horses were the transportation of choice for centuries. Horses were a point of pride, a showcase of one’s most valuable assets. Architects took great pride in making horse stables beautiful as well as functional. There was a lot of respect for stable builders, Tamworth has some incredible turn-of-the-century horse barns still standing today. They were much grander back then with many extra rooms for horse accessories like bridles and saddles with spare room for wagons, buggies and carriages. They had to have space for grain and hay, areas for grooming and an office. This was a world where rich men would flaunt their masculinity, a time where bigger horse stables were always better. Horse stables were built using local building materials like wood, stone and brick. Most horse stables were grander than your average house. The massive horse stables of ancient times are now relics of the past. Many stables were so impressive and grand that they gave the impression of luxury and sophistication to guests and dignitaries. Stables were so much more than simply a roof for the horses. From stud horses to race horses they all need a place to sleep safely and keep secure from thieves. There was a certain romance to horse stables, secret trysts in the hay lofts away from prying eyes.

After the invention of automobiles many stables fell into disrepair to make way for garages. Early cars required a lot of attention and maintenance and space was needed for this. What was once a essential structure had quickly been replaced and became simply a luxury. Families that traded their horses for motor carriages found new uses for those old magnificent horse stable structures. In modern times there is still a need for horse barns, Tamworth builders are still committed to the craft of making stylish and elegant places to keep a horse.

What Are Burials and Cremations?

urnWhen a person has died, the two most common options for what happens to their body are burial and cremation. The first of these is more traditional, and involves digging a grave and burying the person’s body inside a coffin. The process is treated with respect, and here in Perth, a funeral director may be involved to help with the proceedings and planning. A burial plot must be purchased, which the deceased may have organised beforehand, and this is where they will be laid to rest. The grave will then be set with a stone with their name, dates of life and sometimes other messages.

Cremation is quite different, and it involves the body being burned to ashes. This type of funeral is more common elsewhere in the world, depending on the belief system and local customs, but has become very common in Western society. Even then, the process varies; sometimes the deceased is cremated in their own coffin, the one used during the funeral ceremony. Other countries may provide a coffin for this specific purpose. In any case, the contained must be combustible. After this, the body and coffin are reduced to ashes. In a typical Perth cremation, the temperatures reach around 1000 degrees celsius. The ashes are then collected in a capsule, urn or other container and given to the family.

Once again, the deceased may have wished to have their ashes scattered in a particular location. Otherwise, the family may keep the urn in remembrance, often placing it in a prominent location or another one of their choosing. There are many other possibilities for what to do with the ashes, depending on the deceased’s wishes or those of the family.

What is an anchor winch?

The boat remains stationary due to the intervention of an anchor.
The boat remains stationary due to the intervention of an anchor.

If you are going to hear the term “anchor winch” anywhere in the world, you will hear the term anchor winch in Melbourne due to the city’s love affair with all things maritime. The rich own boats which they take into the bay, while the rest of us go for walks around the beach delighting in boat watching. Many of us even are secretly saving for a boat of our own. Yet, unless you are a boating enthusiast, you are unlikely to know much about the mechanics of the boat. The anchor winch, also known as an anchor windlass, is used to raise or lower an anchor. In cartoons, it is common for an anchor to simply be thrown overboard for its braking effect. In practice, you need something much more reliable than a human’s efforts, particularly when it comes to raising the anchor. Believe it or not, the anchor winch is actually powered by a motor. This has replaced manual movement of the winch, which was the only option in bygone days. In a pinch, you can still power your anchor winch using a person, although this is only recommended in emergencies.

As a boat owner, you will want to ensure that your anchor winch is in good working condition. You can imagine how inconvenient it would be if your anchor winch failed in the middle of a joyride. Anchor winch problems are not just frustrating, they can also be dangerous. If you suspect that there is an issue with your anchor winch, you will want to arrange repairs at the earliest convenience. As usually the issue is with the motor, it is most appropriate to get a mechanic to look at it. If you are using your boat for travel, it is best if you get your anchor winch looked at by a boat mechanic in Melbourne.

Recycled Timber in sustainable homes

reclaimed timber homeRecycled timber is term used often today to denote “green” timber practices, and environmentally friendly construction processes. In its most definite sense, recycled timber, like any recycled material, is simply timber that has been used before, most often waste timber getting a second life. If you’re planning your Melbourne sustainable home recycled timber should be on your list of building materials.

Recycled timber is not as new a concept as many would think. Although it gained popularity during the 1990’s, recycling timber waste has been in practice for decades previous, especially in Europe. Timber recycling is a very common practice in Australia, with large levels of timber available for reuse in eco friendly homes. Lumber recycling is most often taken from old buildings, which are carefully demolished during deconstruction. Taken to specialised mills to “de-nail” the pieces and cut them down to size to be reused.

Recycled timber has a variety of uses, especially for those conscientious about environmentally friendly construction; new environmentally friendly homes in Melbourne are often built partly through recycled timber. Another popular use is to create stylish timber furniture. There is an ever increasing market demand for “elegant and environmentally friendly” homes, and recycled timber is one way of filling that niche.

Today, timber recycling is more popular than ever, with more and more Australian homes making use of it; not just for their homes, but within their homes as well .If you’re thinking of using timber in your eco friendly home, consider using recycled wood in the construction.

Why are men’s socks cotton?

Cotton socks are best for your foot health and hygiene.
Cotton socks are best for your foot health and hygiene.

When you shop for socks, you may notice that cotton mens socks are the most popular as compared to other materials. It would be cheaper to create blends of cotton and synthetic; however, such materials are extremely uncommon. Cotton is the most popular material for good reason; it is because the natural material is more breathable. This is important for socks as feet are one of the sweatiest parts of the body.

The foot’s reputation for being sweaty is twofold. Firstly, feet, as well as hands and underarms, genuinely do release much sweat when compared to other regions of the body such as the abdomen. Secondly, being enclosed by both a sock and a shoe, there is nowhere for the sweat to evaporate to, which can lead to liquid pooling in the shoes. To help alleviate this problem, cotton socks are essential. Your sweat will evaporate less in synthetic blend socks; furthermore, more sweat will pool inside the sock. With cotton socks, the sweat will merely pool inside the shoe, which is much less uncomfortable and pungent. While this may not be pleasant to think about, it is important for the health of your feet.

Women with particularly sweaty feet should consider wearing men’s socks, as they are often better quality. You will also find that men’s socks have some of the best designs. Patterned mens socks can be worn by both men and women with excellent results. If you are a woman with average sized feet, you will want to order the smaller size of the men’s sock if possible. Some companies do not manufacture smalls and just release medium and large sizes; this is because many men cannot bear the embarrassment of purchasing small socks. Due to size inflation, a men’s medium will usually fit an average sized woman’s foot adequately.

What is a boat mechanic?

The engine of a boat is maintained by a professional boat mechanic.
The engine of a boat is maintained by a professional boat mechanic.

You may assume that regular motor vehicle mechanics also work on the motors of boats, if you have even spared a thought for the maintenance and repair of boats at all. However, for a boat, you must hire a special boat mechanic, Melbourne being located close to water has no shortage of these. Boat mechanics, also known as marine mechanics, are a type of engine mechanic specialising in the repair and service of boat engines. They will also have some more general knowledge and skills in boat repair, and can often help with components such as steering mechanisms.

Before you become envious of marine mechanics enjoying an idyllic life on the water, consider that it could be disastrous if the mechanic attempted major repairs while the boat was operational and in the water. Just like a car mechanic, a boat mechanic will generally work from a fixed premises. The motor of a boat is actually quite easy to remove, and can be brought to the mechanic’s workshop. People who become boat mechanics do so for similar reasons as those who become car mechanics. While this effectively tethers them to a coastal city such as Melbourne, the benefit is that they encounter more varied problems than those who work on cars. You could think of it as being similar work to a regular mechanic but with a dash of adventure.

The parallels between boat and car engines continue when you begin to think about maintenance. Just like a car, a boat needs to be serviced according to a regular schedule. Your outboard motor, which contains essential components such as the engine and the transmission, needs to be serviced on a regular basis, varying based on how often you use the boat.

This is what a boat mechanic does, and that you must hire one for tasks including outboard motor servicing in Melbourne.

What is a chevron pattern?

A non traditional chevron sock design.
A non traditional chevron sock design.

You have most likely encountered chevron patterned mens socks before, and you may have even bought them. Despite the ubiquity of the chevron pattern, particularly used for hosiery and socks, few people would be aware of the name of the pattern.

A chevron simply refers to a v shape. Where a single chevron is used, it resembles an upside down v. An upright v shape is known as an inverted chevron. The chevron actually has a rich history, pre-dating modern socks by thousands of years. Presently, the chevron is used by many militaries, with different designs and numbers of chevrons denoting different positions and ranks. Despite military use of the chevron, it is entirely legal to wear chevron printed socks even if you are a lowly civilian who only entertains delusions of serving for your country when you play video games.

When used as a pattern, a number of v shapes are stick together, creating the effect of a zig zagged line. Often these lines are placed one above the other, creating a visually complicated design, especially once colour is introduced. You probably know this pattern as the zig zag, but if you went to a sock manufacturer and requested zig zag socks, this would be an instant indication that you are a design amateur.

The chevron pattern rarely occurs on large garments as this would be an eyesore. However, many find it cute and even stylish when used in small doses, such as on socks. The chevron pattern is particularly favoured by men as it is quite a masculine pattern with strong lines and military connotations. The chevron pattern is so popular for socks as there are many men who wish to wear funky socks without resorting to the ovum like symbolism of a spotted design.

I hope by now you have a better understanding of chevron pattern, which is common for patterned mens socks.

What is alimony?

You may be bitter about your divorce, but with a competent lawyer, alimony could be your silver lining.
You may be bitter about your divorce, but with a competent lawyer, alimony could be your silver lining.

If you are going through a divorce, you may have heard of alimony and wondered what it is. Many confuse alimony with child support in Dandenong, but the two types of allowance are for different purposes.
Alimony, or spousal maintenance, is a payment made from one member of the former couple to the other in order to support their standard of living. Sometimes this is a one-time lump sum of money given to the spouse, otherwise it is a regular allowance, either in perpetuity or for a set amount of time.

Child support is a regular payment given to the spouse who is the primary carer of the children; this money is for expenses relating to care of the child. This is a separate payment to spousal maintenance. Most people receiving child support do not receive alimony, and one does not need to be receiving child support in order to obtain alimony. In fact, there do not even need to be any children from the union in order for a spouse to file for alimony.

Spousal maintenance has a reputation for being a sort of retirement pension for former trophy wives. Whether or not you think trophy wives deserve payment after their marriage ends for wasting their youth, you may be surprised to learn that alimony may be a solution for you. For example, if you have spent the last ten years out of the formal workforce as you have been assisting your husband in building his political career and now have limited job prospects while he bathes in cash, you could be successful in obtaining an allowance from him.

If you think you should receiving alimony from your former husband or wife, you should discuss this with your lawyer at the first opportunity. Now you know what alimony is, as well as some tips for going through a court of law to secure alimony payments.

What is a Bailey ladder?

The Bailey ladder is popular among Australian ladder users.
The Bailey ladder is popular among Australian ladder users.

If you are in the market for purchasing a new ladder, you may have heard of Bailey ladders. Bailey ladders are generally highly regarded among Australian consumers, particularly for their innovative safety features which are rarely found on generic ladders.

You could be forgiven for thinking that Bailey is a particular shape or design of ladder, but it is actually the name of a brand. This is analogous to other products which are referred to by a brand name, another prominent example of this being how toasted sandwiches are sometimes called by the brand name of the company which first released the toasted sandwich maker.

The Bailey brand manufactures a large range of ladder solutions. Similarly to other companies, they make aluminium ladders, which strikes a balance between tensile strength and ease of portability. They also manufacture fibreglass ladders. Like aluminium, fibreglass is strong and lightweight. While aluminium is arguably the better option for ladders, it is not suitable for all uses. This is because aluminium is a metal, which means that it conducts electricity. Conversely, fibreglass acts as an insulator. For this reason, electricians opt for fibreglass ladders to eliminate the risk of electric shock from a wayward live wire touching the ladder that they are in direct contact with. The bailey brand makes some of the best aluminium and fibreglass ladders on the market.

As noted above, Bailey ladders are prized for their safety features. These include a unique bracing solution reducing the likelihood of the ladder collapsing when it is in use, and a specially made tread which reduces the chance of slippage. Movement of the ladder when it is in use is the main risk of using ladders, as injuries from falling off a ladder can be severe, and even fatal in some cases.