What is a boat mechanic?

The engine of a boat is maintained by a professional boat mechanic.
The engine of a boat is maintained by a professional boat mechanic.

You may assume that regular motor vehicle mechanics also work on the motors of boats, if you have even spared a thought for the maintenance and repair of boats at all. However, for a boat, you must hire a special boat mechanic, Melbourne being located close to water has no shortage of these. Boat mechanics, also known as marine mechanics, are a type of engine mechanic specialising in the repair and service of boat engines. They will also have some more general knowledge and skills in boat repair, and can often help with components such as steering mechanisms.

Before you become envious of marine mechanics enjoying an idyllic life on the water, consider that it could be disastrous if the mechanic attempted major repairs while the boat was operational and in the water. Just like a car mechanic, a boat mechanic will generally work from a fixed premises. The motor of a boat is actually quite easy to remove, and can be brought to the mechanic’s workshop. People who become boat mechanics do so for similar reasons as those who become car mechanics. While this effectively tethers them to a coastal city such as Melbourne, the benefit is that they encounter more varied problems than those who work on cars. You could think of it as being similar work to a regular mechanic but with a dash of adventure.

The parallels between boat and car engines continue when you begin to think about maintenance. Just like a car, a boat needs to be serviced according to a regular schedule. Your outboard motor, which contains essential components such as the engine and the transmission, needs to be serviced on a regular basis, varying based on how often you use the boat.

This is what a boat mechanic does, and that you must hire one for tasks including outboard motor servicing in Melbourne.