What is a chevron pattern?

A non traditional chevron sock design.
A non traditional chevron sock design.

You have most likely encountered chevron patterned mens socks before, and you may have even bought them. Despite the ubiquity of the chevron pattern, particularly used for hosiery and socks, few people would be aware of the name of the pattern.

A chevron simply refers to a v shape. Where a single chevron is used, it resembles an upside down v. An upright v shape is known as an inverted chevron. The chevron actually has a rich history, pre-dating modern socks by thousands of years. Presently, the chevron is used by many militaries, with different designs and numbers of chevrons denoting different positions and ranks. Despite military use of the chevron, it is entirely legal to wear chevron printed socks even if you are a lowly civilian who only entertains delusions of serving for your country when you play video games.

When used as a pattern, a number of v shapes are stick together, creating the effect of a zig zagged line. Often these lines are placed one above the other, creating a visually complicated design, especially once colour is introduced. You probably know this pattern as the zig zag, but if you went to a sock manufacturer and requested zig zag socks, this would be an instant indication that you are a design amateur.

The chevron pattern rarely occurs on large garments as this would be an eyesore. However, many find it cute and even stylish when used in small doses, such as on socks. The chevron pattern is particularly favoured by men as it is quite a masculine pattern with strong lines and military connotations. The chevron pattern is so popular for socks as there are many men who wish to wear funky socks without resorting to the ovum like symbolism of a spotted design.

I hope by now you have a better understanding of chevron pattern, which is common for patterned mens socks.